Knowledge Video

Courtney Spence Gives TEDx Talk on Multimedia Storytelling

Students of the World founder and Capture Your Flag interviewee Courtney Spence gives a TEDx Talk on the transformational power of multimedia storytelling for disaster relief and community rebuilding efforts.  She talks about the potential of students and young professionals to be the changemakers and tell stories of progress that drive awareness around problem solving and sustainable solutions building in areas devasted by natural disaster or environmental distress. 

Nina Godiwalla TEDx Presentation - TEDxHouston 2011

In her 2011 TEDx Talk at TEDxHouston, Nina Godiwalla shares three simple ways to make a corporate work culture more welcoming.  Godiwalla's TED talk focuses on what she learned about diversity messaging and more inclusive and welcoming workplace cultures through her investment banking experience on Wall Street, the stories from which she shares in her first book "Suits: A Woman on Wall Street."   In 2011 Nina shared her anticipation preparing to give this TEDx Talk down in Houston

Simon Sinek's "99 Percent Conference" Presentation

Simon Sinek inspires us.  He constantly finds new ways and additional angles to teach us about understanding ourselves, our relationships with others, and how the interconnectedness creates more fulfilling ways to live with a clarified sense of purpose.  He also encourages you to believe you can change the world.  We believe he is right.  Enjoy this amazing talk "If You Don't Understand People You Don't Understand Business" from this Year's 99 Percent Conference. 

After you enjoy Simon's talk, please check out our Year 1 and Year 2 video interviews - 36 in total - with Simon.  Here is one from 2011 - "How Finding Purpose Increases Sense of Fulfillment" - and one from 2009 - "How to Define Fulfillment and Measure Success Each Day."  If you want to watch them later, save them to Instapaper

RISE Entrepreneurship Conference Video Presentation

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at the RISE Global Entrepreneurship Conference in Austin, Texas to discuss how knowledge video and near-peer learning could be a powerful career education frameworks for next-generation career development.  I believe Capture Your Flag’s mission –  interviewing tomorrow’s leaders today to provide a more approachable means for young professionals to develop aspirational careers – is aligned to not only the entrepreneurial journey but also to any meaningful or purposeful career plan.

Watch the 10-minute video presentation to learn more about why I created Capture Your Flag and how the learning model is enabling knowledge video and near peer aspirational career development and educational experiences.

Thank you so much for your continued support and participation in the Capture Your Flag journey! 

- Erik Michielsen