Capture Your Flag is the Near Peer programming leader. 

A Near Peer is someone who has recently been through a situation you are facing now. Their story is your story, but a few years ahead. We film interviews over a series of years and package them into searchable video libraries which allow you to find inspirational online career videos to help you advance your career.


Videos →

Capture Your Flag Near Peer Videos offer a virtual mentor experience for individuals seeking greater clarity and purpose in life and career. Through yearly interviews with the same subjects, watch interviewees discuss their lives and careers as they develop over time and learn from what they share on their journey. Explore the 3000+ video library here.

Exemplars →

Capture Your Flag interviews people who have recently faced experiences that you may be encountering right now. Their backgrounds vary in terms of education, profession, and stage of life. Find a Near Peer Exemplar whose experiences match your interests and apply their insights to enrich your own life and career.  

Licensing →

Capture Your Flag licenses customized Near Peer Video Packages from its 3000+ video learning library for organizations to integrate into talent development programs.  Learn more about licensing Capture Your Flag videos for commercial use inside your organization and contact us to let us help you Capture Your Flag. 

Featured Near Peer Career Videos